Hawaiian Clip Art is great for Hawaiian Style Ads, Scrapbooking, Newsletters, Websites, Packaging and More!

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Island Images Hawaiian clip art is great for professional designers, Scrapbooking families and desktop publishers alike. Hawaii clip art is ideal for digital scrapbooking your trip to hawaii with fun illustrations, backgrounds and hibiscus flowers, Plumeria Flowers and more. We offer 3 different collections of Hawaiian clip art with different hawaiian themed images on each CD-ROM. Give one a try and you'll be back for the other two. Or buy all three for a $20 savings. All of the images on the Hawaiian Clip Art Cd's are saved in easy to use JPG format which will import easily into your page layout, desktop publishing or word processing program. Works great with Mocrosoft word or any program that imports JPG images. Works with all computers with a CD drive.

Professional designers will love the Hawaiian clip art's high resolution 300ppi files for magazine ads, brochures, business cards and more. Website designers will find internet size 72ppi JPEGs for building websites. Scrapbookiong families will Love the flowers and cartoon illustrations. Each CD contains Hawaiian background Textures, Flower backgrounds, Photographs of Hawaii activities and landscapes, Hawaiian Sunsets, petroglyphs, illustrations of hawaiian flowers, Hibuscus Flower Clip Art photos and Hibiscus Flower clip art illustrations, Plumeria flowers, tropical drinks, hula dancers, tiki's and a whole lot more.

Can't get enough of Hawaii onto your computer? Check out our other 3 volumes at hawaiianclipart.com These Hawaiian clip art volumes are a little more expensive but are well worth the price. Volumes one and Two contain vector art for high end designers who work in adobe illustrator.

Here is a list of things you need to have for your designs that can only be found on our Hawaiian Clip art CD's. Hula Dancers, Plumeria Flowers, Tropical Fish, Hawaiian Borders, Bamboo, Lauhala Mat, Petroglyphs, Lei's, Flowers, Hibiscus Flowers, Plumeria Flowers, Pineapples, Hawaiian Shirts, Tiki's, Sharks, Hawaiian surfer girl cartoons, Hawaii sunsets, windsurfers, Kids on the beach and a whole lot more! Order your Hawaiian clip-art CD's today and they will ship the following business day. All Clip art orders are shipped Priority Mail for fast delivery.

All three of these Hawaii clip art CD's contain a special free bonus of 25 pre-built full page Hawaiian backgrounds which are great for flyers, memos, invitations, menus, posters, note paper, scrapbooking backgrounds, Photo frames, and so much more.

Choose a collection above and view the Hawaiian Photos, Illustrations and back ground Textures contained on each Clip art cd. All the images are shown. I'm sorry for the big copyright symbol in the images, however they do not appear on the CD's once you've purchased them. Buy your Hawaiian Clipart from professional designers in Hawaii today and liven up you next project with that Hawaiian Style!